there’s no classification above entry level anime it’s a hoax


every time anyone mentions an anime just sneer and call it an entry level anime and they’ll respect you

it’s too warm to do anything
and I’m somewhat bothered by our dying angelfish

it’s 1:31 pm which is grand time for a siesta

tagged: +siesta 


English Cream Dachshund 

my dad did almost zero research when he bought these fish

how much value do I put in fishes’ lives?

if I accidentally ate fish I wouldn’t mind as much as if I accidentally ate beef for example


I got tagged by valeria (castinsunlight) to do the 6 selfies challenge/tag thing

i found some in my photobooth that are ok i guess

and I’m tagging you, whoever you are!!!!! you who is reading this right now (mostly bc i’m too lazy to tag people)


snowpiercer/thomas the tank engine crossover


have you ever seen a bears feet?


have you ever seen a bears feet?

I was tagged by castinsunlight for this
maar I’m not a fan of selfies

I was thinking of posting pictures of my cat
but I’ve basically posted all pictures I have of him already in this one photoset

however, the tag ‘6 selfies’ is really cute
people who have the confidence to take selfies are cool

tagged: +6 selfies  +boop 

I have the advantage of already knowing the meaning of most kanji

not their pronunciations though
which is why raw shojo manga is nice